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Hi there! My name is Rory Maher and this is an interactive and virtual résumé of my Digital Media undertakings to date, I will also try and present this portfolio in a blog or anecdotal format. Here goes…

My main areas of interest lie in the digital media domain. I have enjoyed music, video and effectively expressing creativity as much as possible in a digital sense on a computer. Programs which I have used previously include; Logic Pro, Pro Tools, Sibelius, MaxMSP, Jitter, Photoshop, After Effects, Flash, Dreamweaver, Microsoft Office, Processing and java. I have either tinkered with these programs and understand the concepts behind them or I have become proficient using them over time. I felt that my main interest before starting this course would be to get into the music industry as I have a huge passion for all things audio and felt my dream job would be a sound designer for computer games, however as I progress through the course the video aspects start appealing to me more and more as well as using Adobe products creatively and technically. I also have quite an interest in java and processing and will get an attempt to learn c++ in 3rd year so this is intriguing to me as I have plans to develop some basic iphone, Android applications. One particular interest program I have seen in this area is called JQuery Mobile, which allows users to code in HTML and port this code to all smartphones which is a pretty interesting way to bypass Apple’s ludicrous close sourced business and development models.


Hi there, This blog will be updated soon over the christmas period to reflect updates as regards work experience as a sound engineer with Telegael in audio post for television and film as well as some more interesting audio related college projects. Stay tuned!!

Christmas Holidays 2011

After a hectic Semester 1 of Second year, it was back to work and saving for college again. I managed to save enough to buy Pro Tools as to learn it for the upcoming semester. I was delighted when I received my results to find out I had obtained another 3.68 for semester 1 of second year.

Digital Media & Software Systems 2

This was the resulting end project for our DMSS module. As it can be seen in earlier posts this module was a hectic one in which we studied After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator and also MaxMSP. Our end project was a collaboration of all these different software packages into a cohesive group project. The theme of the project was the exploration of rhythm and synching sound and picture. We used MaxMSP for the sound synthesis part of the project, using multiple types of oscillators and sound synthesis such as Ring Modulation, Wavetable Synthesis and other oscillators to create the soundtrack. My main goal of the project was that of chief animator and I took bitmap and vector images and animated these inside of the After Effects environment. I used several built in effects in after effects to obtain the desired animation which was a satellite probe searching for new life and finding Kepler 22-b. The animaton can be seen here:

Digital Video Fundamentals


In this module we studied the very basics of shooting/Recording and editing video in the digital realm. We started off with very basic Mini-Dv cameras which were capable of 480i footage and these just served the purpose of getting used to tape and writing scripts and filling out storyboards. However as we progressed we learnt about 3 point lighting systems as well as HD cameras and shooting techniques such as White Balancing, Shutter speed and aperture. We also got the chance to use outboard Microphones to improve the sonic quality of our recordings. Our end of term video can be found here:

A video about a parasite that affects peoples brains causing them to clone themselves into mindless copies of their initial host.

Digital Media & Software Systems 2 (Photoshop)

This part of the module involved us affecting images using adobe photoshop. I really enjoy using this software as I enjoy the immediacy of the effect the end users editing has on the image. I am getting used to adobe’s products at this stage! and I am starting to feel comfortable with them. Here are a few images I have treated both before and after.

Highway photoshop file here



Korean Heads Photoshop File here



Digital Media & Software Systems 2 (MaxMSP)

This module involves extensive theory in the digital audio domain and how we can manipulate sampled sounds to synthesize new sounds and to tear down the very fabrics of certain sounds using subtractive and granular synthesis among other techniques. The main software I used in this module was MaxMSP. This program is very useful as it can manipulate audio in real time with real time effects. My Mid term project for this module was to create a step sequencer which triggers a sound module built by myself such as Frequency Modulation, Amplitude Modulation, Ring Modulation or Additive Synthesis. These sounds could be controlled both internally on the onscreen provided keyboard or an external MIDI keyboard. I took a great amount of time tyding up my patch so as to make it more reader and user friendly and I am very happy with the results. You can download the patch here or see a few screenshots here:

College Year 2: Semester 1

After a stressful and eventful first year I needed a break from projects so I went back to my bread and butter of working full time in bar work. No rest for the wicked! I also took up golf over the summer in a big way and played at least once a week. However I always had my mind on second year and purchased a few programs I knew I needed such as MaxMSP and the Adobe Master suite. I was pleasantly surprised when I received my results as I achieved a QCA value of 3.68 in both semesters which I was delighted with. My goal for second year was a 4.0. I had my work cut out for me.